Friday Nov 20th
6pm – 10pm

Towne Square • Historic Downtown Leesburg, Florida

Leesburg Craft Beer Girl

Welcome to the Craft Beer, Wine & Food Festival!

Come experience this colorful, festive and popular event as you travel from station to station in Towne Square sampling over 25 different Craft Beers, Wines from around the world and a variety of Food from the regions best restaurants. The Islands are decorated with a dazzling array of holiday lights complemented by live music and plenty of seating for you, your friends & family! As you enter, you’ll be given a guide that explains the offerings at each station and even provides a way for you to keep track of your favorites! It’s a Blast!!!

Rain or Shine Event!   

Festive Atmosphere!
Great Fun!
Over 25 Craft Beers!
Wide Variety of Wines!
Fantastic Food!

Event Tickets!

ONLY $35!

In advance – $45 day of event

or Call 877-318-0069

What is Craft Beer?

Well, there are varying definitions, but all generally agree that Craft Beer comes from small independent brewers that make less than 2 million barrels a year, but many make far less. Although craft beers use traditional ingredients like malted barley and hops, Craft Brewers add different and unique flavors and processes. This is what makes sampling Craft Beers so much fun. Like the variety of different wines, different craft beers go with different occasions and complement different foods. Here’s what we have on tap for you!

What’s on Tap!!

Sample a variety of great beers from these great brewers!

Craft Beer Stations Sponsored by:

Leesburg Craft Beer Girl

A Variety Of Wines From Around The World!

France, Germany, South America, California, Florida, and More! Sample wines from some of the finest wineries and distributors. Discover the wonderful “bouquet” of flavors from a variety of different types of wines. What goes best when pairing wines with foods and more. A Wine Lovers Delight!

Wines Provided By:

Sample Food From The Areas Best Restaurants!

This is not just cheese and crackers. Not even close! Sample foods from the areas finest restaurants traversing from entrees to desserts. Top Chef’s pull out all the stops in providing you cuisine that will delight your palate! Steak, Roasts, Chicken, Soups, Fruit, Cakes, Cookies and more!

Participating Restaurants


Water, Soda & Cash Bar

Leesburg Craft Beer Girl

Live Music Perfect for the Occasion!

The Leesburg Craft Beer, Wine & Food Festival wouldn’t be complete without the finest musicians in the area filling the air with not only great music, but great entertainment as well.

Who’s Playing?!

Justin Heet

Winslow & The Rockefellers

When Winslow and the Rockefellers hit the stage, try and stop your leg from tapping! This energetic and fun band will make an event you’ll never forget!

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